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About us  

AppMaterials provides solutions in the fast-growing field of nanotechnology and applied materials, with a focus on scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and materials innovation. We are the only company in China serving dedicatedly to SPM communities, providing SPMs and accessories such as AFM probes, calibration standards, softwares, etc. There are four sales branches across China to better serve our local customers.

Founders of AppMaterials are all PhD holders graduated from universities in US. Averaging 10 years experience in SPM-related technology and semiconductor industry, we have extensive professional expertise required for in-depth communication with researchers and engineers in various disciplines and industries.

Product lines here carry all major brand names throughout the world, Bruker,Budget Sensors,MicroMasch, NT-MDT, App Nano, etc. Various probes are in our stock and ready to ship, which include regular probe, super sharp probe, conductive probe, magnetic probe, wear-resistant probe, cnt probe, and many other special probes.

CNT probes from us include two series: high resolution and high aspect ratio applications.The high resolution CNT probes have a carbon nanotube/nanocone of 2 nm radius of curvature right at the apex of regular silicon probe with perfect alignment and tightly controlled length.

Please feel free to make a phone call to our engineers for your particular requirements, we are very happy to give you advice and consultation on your projects.

Mission Statement

To bring the state of the art in Nanotechnology & Materials innovations into practical applications; to improve accuracy, effectiveness and productivity in research and manufacturing.

Contact us

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Shanghai sales office
Rm 2604, C Block, ShenHan Building,
No.1066 Jingshajiang Road, Shanghai, 200062 China
Tel: +86-21-52657506, +86-13816610399
Email: info@

Changsha sales office
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410100, China
Tel: +86-
731-88428765 +86-13875900322
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